Fox River HOG #2950 Webmaster Luis M Bonilla

Luis M Bonilla

Thank you

Thank you HOG members for your support and suggestions to help improve our new Chapter’s website.  A lot of changes and new ideas were implemented to our new website.

*** Disclaimer **

On this page you will find downloads, technical updates, and Chapter’s tool apps for your smart phones or personal computer.  Although the downloads are free to use, you are ultimately responsible for your personal computer(s) and or device(s) to be current on your maintenance and anti-virus program.

First Bike
My first bike was a 2013 Sportsters 1200 and I’ve been a HOG member since 2013.  My sales person introduced me to the National and HOG membership concept.  At first, I was confused, and I didn’t understand any of it even though I nodded ok.  Then I was told about a HOG Chapter meeting at the HOG Pen.   Now, at this point I was saying to myself I’m a HOG? Am I a pig? Or maybe a vicious pig since I own a Harley.  Needless to say, I had to ask my sales guy why do they call Harley owners HOG? Yeah, it made me laugh too “Harley Owner Group”

Funny Memories
So, I asked my sales guy for the address to where the HOG Pen is located, he laughed and said by the clothes section.  I laughed too and asked where is the clothing section is located too.

Now it came time  to attend my first meeting. When I first got there I spotted a chair for me to sit on.  I was nervous,  I did not know anyone, and I did not know what to do or expect.  The moment I sat on the chair I was asked to sit elsewhere because they needed the chair I was sitting on (really).

So, then I sat on another chair stood there quietly and I see another person coming towards me and I am saying to myself  “what the heck, another one wants this freakin chair” but instead, I was greeted by the membership officer with open arms and welcomed.  After the meeting has ended, I was introduced to more members and I was extended an invitation to a chapter ride.  They have made me feel like I belong.  Long story short, it was this chapter’s commitment to riding that I’ve learned how to improve my riding skills and have learned more about where to ride to create stories and memories.

Today, I’m a Lifetime National HOG Member, Road Captain, and now a webmaster.  But more importantly I have a life time of HOG family to share memories and experiences with.