Fox River HOG #2950 Secretary Officer Judy Branson


2020 Election News

At the November 10th chapter gathering we will be holding our annual Fox River HOG board member elections.  This is your time to vote for the person(s) you would like to represent and serve our membership.   

To be eligible to vote in this election, you must be active and up to date on your National and Local membership dues. If you’re not sure about your status you can contact Sue Edwards at  & she will gladly look that up for you and help you get current if you are not.

If you are not able to make the meeting, we have absentee ballots available. There are rules for these and you must follow them to the letter to have your ballot count.  How do you get an absentee ballot? 

  • Send Judy an email at with a request for the ballot.
  • Judy will send you a ballot for you to fill out. You only get 1 so don’t lose it!
  • At the top of the ballot is a place for your national HOG number. This MUST be on your ballot! This will ensure your vote is counted & gives us a way to check off your name on the member list (we can’t have duplicate ballot distribution).
  • Return your absentee ballot to before November 8, 2020!
  • Your absentee ballot will only be seen by Judy until the chapter meeting where it will be added to the ballot box for counting.
  • If you request an absentee ballot you will NOT be given a ballot at the chapter meeting. So make sure if you request an absentee ballot you make sure to return it on time.

Additional information about the Chapter Election Process <- Click here



Board Positions

For those of you who want to serve our membership, please consider running for a board position. Our membership is full of talented individuals who can and will enhance our chapter. I encourage you to consider running even if there are others who are interested in the same position. Our membership needs to have a variety of choices!

The open positions are listed below with a brief job description summary.

Director-you must have served a year on the board to run for this position. Assumes overall responsibility for the admin. of our HOG chapter, promotes HOG, conducts chapter gatherings, & works with the dealer regarding operating policies.

Secretary-Keeps & maintains records of all insurance forms, injury reports, & meeting minutes. Conducts the voting process & takes meeting minutes at each board meeting.

Ladies of Harley-Encourages women chapter members to take an active part in the chapter & coordinates LOH chapter activities.

Safety Officer-Provides a safety foundation, assists road captain in educating members about group riding, completes any injury reports & keeps medical kits up to date.

Editor-Authors, edits & facilitates the distribution of a chapter newsletter a minimum of twice per year.

Head RC-Assists in planning routes for chapter rides, educates chapter members about group riding, & acts as a guide for organized chapter rides.

Historian/Photographer-These positions were combined due to their related tasks. Organizes chapter photos in drop boxes & keeps a record of activities enjoyed by the chapter.

I will need your intent to run in writing. You can email it to or give it to me in person before the end of the October chapter gathering.  

Again, please consider serving the members of this chapter by putting your name on the ballot!