Head Road Captain Officer Rod DeVries


Road Captains

To bring together Harley Davidson motorcycle owners that share a love of riding.  The primary activities of the chapter are group rides.  Road captains provide leadership for group rides and promote safe group riding in a fun atmosphere.

Road captains responsibilities include things such as: Assisting the sponsoring dealer and chapter director in upholding the Annual charter for H.O.G. Chapters, assisting in the planning and as a guide for chapter rides, displaying hand signals found in the “Group Riding Guide”, obtaining signed release forms for chapter rides and more.

Generally our road captains are experienced riders and can offer valuable tips and technique to be a better rider, in addition, to mentoring newer riders.

An extensive  amount of time is spent planning for safe and fun rides.  In many occasions pre-rides are initiated to verify road conditions and safe maneuvers.  Road captains meet regularly to discuss rides, new or different methods that can be used to facilitate future rides.

Road Captains’ Objectives

  1. Provide for the safety and welfare of all individuals within the group, and any surrounding motorists, bicyclists or pedestrians.
  2. Lead the group to its destination in a well-organized, disciplined, and safe manner.
  3. Avoid creating hazardous situations.

Interested in becoming a Road Captain, contact me at roadcaptain@foxriverhog.com

Road Captains Request –  Add a ride to the calendar

Team App for the Road Captain

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2. Search for Fox River HOG Road Captains
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