Mileage and Challenge Programs Contest Coordinators Bill Klaske & Clyde (Woody) Wood


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Fox River HOG is excited about two programs for our members only to participant, our Chapter Mileage Contest and Chapter Challenge of which both offers opportunities to win prizes. The Chapter Mileage program tracks members mileage until November 1st, of course you will have to report the finishing mileage by then. The Chapter Challenge program is an opportunity to plan weekends, vacations, or over-nighter with members or friends that are passionate about riding and having fun. Plan cool routes to explore new places, restaurants, and shops. Checkout the cities and towns offered in the Challenge. Click below for ground rules good luck to all Chapter Members ride hard and ride safe!

  • The mileage program only requires a participant to enter the starting and ending miles on the posted form.  The top male and female riders win the top cash prize. Prizes are also won for as many top to bottom ranking participants as we have to give away.

    Our mileage program is based upon reporting miles achieved. We use an “honor system” to report mileage via email or at the bulletin board located at the dealership HOG PEN area. The program begins every November 2nd until November 1st of the next year. Mileages reported after November 1st will be entered as the new mileage to start for the following year contest.

    All registered riders will have their miles counted in the chapter total for the current year. Our objective as a chapter is to beat last year posted mileage.

    How to Register (First Time Only)
    • Using the format below email with the current mileage miles for tracking
    • Using the format below at the end of the contest email with finishing mileage
    • Each bike owned should be reported the same way


    • Bike (1) John Doe VIN: 1234567890987654 Starting mileage 075000
      Bike (1) John Doe VIN: 1234567890987654 Finishing mileage 085000
    • Bike (2) John Doe VIN: 2222245345645645 Starting mileage 075000
      Bike (2) John Doe VIN: 2222245345645645 Finishing mileage 085000
    • Bike (3) John Doe VIN: 1343333333555556 Starting mileage 075000
      Bike (3) John Doe VIN: 1343333333555556 Finishing mileage 085000

    Already in the Mileage Program
    • Your reported finishing mileage will automatically be your starting mileage for the next year contest.  If you have new ride to enter you must post the start mileage on that ride.

    Chapter Mileage Contest click here to print

  • A Poker Run contestant earns 5 cards by riding to any 5 of the locations on the list, one bonus card (6 cards total) by riding to 5 locations on the list where the first letters of the towns names spell POKER.

    You can also earn a bonus card by riding to 10 or more locations on the list (7 cards in total). At the Christmas party, the highest 5 card Poker hand picked in the blind draw is the winner. There is no special sign up for this event Just go do it and turn in the qualifying pictures as evidence that you made the rides.

    1. Must be a current Chapter member.
    2. Contest begins November 2nd and ends on November 1st
    3. Cities/Towns are predetermined per the list below.
    4. All rides are approximately 150 miles from the Fox River HOG Dealership, but the route to get there is up to you.
    5. Must take a picture of the destination city limit, Post Office, Fire Station or other Gov’t Building sign to include you and your bike.
    6. Must have a minimum of 5 stops to participate.
    7. Bonus card if the first letter of your 5 selected stops spell POKER.
    8. Additional Bonus card for 12 stops.
    9. Bring your photo’s for the drawing to the Fox River Chapter meeting on or before November’s chapter meeting.
    10. The best 5 card hand wins a prize (To be awarded at the Christmas party).

    Eligible Cities/Towns
    01. Orangeville, IL
    02. Elmwood, IL
    03. Goose Lake, IA
    04. Kilbourne, IL
    05. Polo, IL
    06. Lacon, IL
    07. Roseville, IL
    08. Kentland, IN
    09. Reynolds, IL
    10. Oquawka, IL
    11. Cabery, IL
    12. Ellsworth, IL

    CHAPTER CHALLENGE click here to print