Ladies of  Harley

Ladies wanna have fun …


LOH Officer Juli Parent

LOH Officer Juli Parent

Lake Geneva Mailboat Ride

Special Event

Here’s to the women who hear the song of unbridled freedom, and whose hearts light the fires of inspiration for other women.” – unknown

Welcome ladies to Fox River’s Ladies of Harley page!  Female riders and passengers from all walks of life are welcome to join in the fun. There are no addition fees or forms to be part of Fox River’s LOH. If you want to be a National LOH member, please contact the H.O.G.® office 1-800-CLUBHOG (1-800-258-2464) or visit the MEMBERS ONLY part of HOG®.COMto update your membership profile to include LOH.


What is LOH?  We’re a group of females that encourage and inspire each other; to ride their own or ride along as a passenger, to join in the chapter’s adventures and events, to ask questions and to make new friends.

How do I join?

  1. Must be registered as a (full, lifetime, or associate) membership of the National HOG contact 1-800 CLUBHOG(1-800-258-2464) or visit HOG website
  • When you register for L.O.H. (with National HOG), you will receive an embroidered patch and a pin. Each time you renew, you will receive a pin indicating the year of membership.
  • You will be identified as a registered L.O.H. member by having the letters L.O.H on your H.O.G. card.
  • The members can be either driver or passenger as long as they are willing to participate.
  1. In addition to National HOG membership, you must also register with Fox River HOG Chapter of St. Charles, IL   See Membership for details.


For questions or concerns contact me via email or stop by and visit one of our Chapter Meetings.