Assistant Director Toby Branson


Welcome to Fox River Hog, as a member, prospective member or just someone who is looking for a group to ride with, I am glad you found us. We are the “Chapter that rides”. Take some time and look around our page and you will find a ton of information on who we are as a group and the people you need to contact to get information on where we are going  and when. You can also look back at some of the adventures we have had.

Let me tell you a little about my story with Fox River HOG, My wife and I joined this chapter because our awesome dealership. From the first ride we took with the chapter I was impressed with the level of planning, attention to safety for everyone riding regardless of skill level and the instant connection I had with several of the folks that I now call family.  From the moment my wife and I pulled up we were welcomed like long lost friends. Our Road Captains are some the best I have ever ridden with. The level of planning to ensure not only a nice ride but most importantly a safe one was very impressive. Having a safe and fun ride is very important to my wife and me because we wanted to get home the same way we left.  Riding is a passion my wife, kids and I all share and we all were welcomed and included from the moment my wife and I joined. This is why I stay and this is why I ride with my HOG family every chance I get.

As Assistant Director I am here to help you navigate the uncertain. I am here to help with information about our chapter, our dealership, becoming or staying a member as well as the many, many benefits we receive both locally and nationally. Did you know as a HOG member you get roadside assistance should you ever need it? It’s just one of the many benefits we receive with the membership. Although the best benefit of HOG chapter membership is the camaraderie, excitement and fun to be had when we all head out to enjoy a mutual passion for Harley Davidson, making lifelong memories and having stories to share about our awesome adventures.

If there is anything I can help you with please let me know and as the saying goes lets all “Burn gas and Buy tires”